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Ag Tyres & Wheels - 2021 Brochure

We've updated our brochure!

The Ag Tyres & Wheels brochure is a quick reference to all our services, partnerships and products.

Download the brochure (only 3 Meg) and call Ag Tyres & Wheels with your questions about agriculture tyre & wheel packages.

Ag Tyres & Wheels - Booklet
Download PDF • 3.45MB

All Claas Machine adds Michelin Tyre & Wheel Package

Ag Tyres & Wheels has just added a great package to this impressive Claas Xerion 5000. The machine was sold and delivery managed by JJ Farm Equipment in Griffith. Justin James, Managing Director of JJ Farm Equipment, said, "We've partnered with Ag Tyres & Wheels several times now, and Brian Ogeimi has helped deliver a great result for this customer." The Xerion needed a specific configuration while working at the iconic Uardry Station near Hay, NSW.

"The machine will be primarily doing row crop work and will be used all year round. The Class Xerion 5000 has unique four-wheel drive capabilities and can be driven like a front-wheel assist tractor by the way it steers", James said. Floatation and the ability to get 'power to the ground' from the 524 horsepower beast was vital to get the best performance at this location. Ag Tyres & Wheels have designed, manufactured and provided a 'dual wheel setup' to work in row cropping on 1-metre beds. The customer can swap the outer dual wheels from left to right and narrow the tractor for broadacre work. To complement the package, VF480/80R50 Michelin tyres were fitted along with tailored wheels and spacers. As a result, the overall package looks great on the Claas Tractor and performs well in the field. "Ag Tyres & Wheels were quick with the quotes, gave extra effort to supply the products as soon as possible, and delivered the package to meet the customer requirements", James added. "This job process was not 'too hard’ or ‘too difficult’ for Brian and Ag Tyres & Wheels. As in all previous jobs, the final product has impressed our team and most importantly, impressed our customer", James said. Contact Ag Tyres & Wheels to add correct tyre and wheel packages to your machinery.

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In April, Mick and Brian from Ag Tyres & Wheels met with Josh, a cereal crop farmer from Elmore in Victoria, to inspect the performance of his new John Deere 8R 280.

The tractor has been fitted with dual wheels, and Michelin Tyres manufactured and supplied for his specific needs.

Josh was looking to purchase a new machine for his enterprise, he contacted Howard O'Sullivan from Haeusler's Echuca, who had the requested machine in stock, but it didn't have the correct tyre and wheel configuration.

Howard contacted Brian from Ag Tyres & Wheels to source the correct tyre and wheel setup.

The solution -

Supply single Michelin 480/70R34' for the front, for controlled traffic at 2.1 metres to match other implements on-farm, and utilise wheels from one machine to another, if the situation required.

Configure dual Michelin 520/85R46's for the rear to maximise floatation and reduce soil impact.

The on-site inspection by Brian, Mick and Howard confirmed that Josh is completely satisfied with the machine, tyre/wheel configuration and the great results delivered.

If you need support to deliver the machines customers require, please give Ag Tyres & Wheels a call for the correct configuration to satisfy your machinery customers. Let's make tracks!

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