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Ag Tyres & Wheels - 17 Jewell Court East Bendigo

We are proud to announce the development of our new business premises just around the corner in Jewell Court, East Bendigo.

We're so excited about the project that we have decided to put together a quick video supporting the initial stages of the development.

The purpose-built 1400 square metre site will be complete in early 2021.

Ag Tyre and Wheels - Let's make Tracks!!

Ag Tyres & Wheels - High Flotation Tyre and Wheel Package

Ag Tyres & Wheels have provided and fitted a package of high flotation tyres on ground maintenance machinery for the City of Greater Bendigo. After the detailed tender was released, Hausler’s Machinery won the contract to supply John Deere machinery for Ground Maintenance with a ‘High Flotation tyre and wheel package’. “We have been looking for a while to fit our tractors with High Flotation tyres”, said Gareth Murphy, Team Leader of Sports Field Maintenance, City of Greater Bendigo. Alistair Cheesman, Sales Manager at Hausler’s Bendigo, added, “The City of Greater Bendigo had special requirements for the tractor tyres. If we didn’t have Ag Tyres & Wheels (and Mick) recommend and provide the right options for tyres, we would have had to look elsewhere. That would mean extra costs on freight and a longer timeframe to prepare the tender, which may have lost us the business.”  The new machinery had its first run on the Queen Elizabeth Oval early in April. Representatives from the City of Greater Bendigo, Hausler’s Machinery and Ag Tyre & Wheels watched on closely. Gareth was impressed as the tractor prepared the ground, “The result is what we are looking for, presentation-wise. With this setup, we are not going to be ripping up surfaces, and we can get onto grounds when they are wet. Traditionally when it is wet, we couldn’t do that because we would leave wheel ruts with narrow, skinny tyres.” “This machinery, with the High Flotation tyres and wheel package, assists our teams to service the 70 plus sports fields around Bendigo”, Gareth said.  Mick Carbone, Sales Manager at Ag Tyres & Wheels, highlighted that this tyre and wheel package was selected to enable road travel between sporting locations and also looked after the grounds. “This package is designed for turf farms, the almond industry, racecourses, and council ground maintenance machinery. Anything to do with ground care, lawn and turf these tyres are the right choice”, Mick added. “We are more than happy to work with machinery dealers to put the right package on machinery for the right requirements.” ___________________________ See the ‘first run’ of the machinery package at Queen Elizabeth Oval in Bendigo, and our interviews with Gareth Murphy, Alistair Cheesman and Mick Carbone - Click here.

High Flotation Tyre and Wheel Tractor Package - Ag Tyres & Wheels

Coronavirus Pandemic - Farmers

The future of the agricultural economy in Australia continues to look strong with the release of the Chi-Squared Research survey findings. 63% of Farmers expect the agricultural economy to stay the same or improve in the next 6 months.

Good News for Australian Farmers and the Ag Industry.

Let's make tracks!

Check the full story by Andrew Marshall - Canberra Times - 1 April 2020.

Research conducted by

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