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Allclass Kubota - Testimonial

Multiple Use - Tyre & Wheel Kit for the Kubota M9540.

Small Cropping and Macadamia Farm.

Allclass Kubota - Ag Tyres & Wheels

Thanks to Ag Tyres & Wheels for their assistance in equipping a tractor for a client - a Kubota M9540. My client wanted to use the M9540 in multiple applications on their farm.

They have a small crop operation as well as a macadamia nut operation. 1450mm centres are required in the small crop, but they also wanted to use the tractor in macadamia nut operations. The macadamia site is steep country, so the duals give them the required stability, safety and added traction. This wheel equipment has allowed my client to achieve two tasks with purchasing the one tractor. Changing the wheel configuration is achieved by simply removing or re-installing the dual rear wheels via a quick release clip-on wheel system. Mick & Brian at Ag Tyres & Wheels provided expert guidance to ensure the configuration works in both operations. The information is always accurate and precise, giving me the confidence to discuss any solution with my clients. I have also found a friendly approach to all advice given, no matter what 'weird and wonderful' tyre and wheel combinations I throw at them. Thanks again,

Darrel Montgomery

Sales - Allclass Kubota - Nambour, Queensland


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