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Wheel Reconditioning - Stud Configurations and Wheel Widening

Reconditioning Tractor Wheels - Ag Tyres & Wheels

Reconditioning existing tractor wheels for use on other farm machinery and better performance is a cost-effective option if the wheels are still structurally sound.

Recently, Ag Tyres & Wheels have reconditioned two sets of wheels.

The first set was reconfigured from 6-stud to 8-stud to fit a new tractor.

The second set required widening of the rims to provide extra traction and floatation.

In each scenario, Ag Tyres & Wheels prepare the wheels by shot-blasting the rims to bare metal, making the necessary changes structural changes to the wheel configuration, then powder-coating with a primer and finishing coat.

The end products look like new, prolong the wheel life and achieve the results requested by the customer.

The first wheelset had new Continental Ag Tyres fitted, and the new tractor is currently in the field.

Through consultation with Ag Tyres & Wheels, the second wheelset had 200mm of width added. This additional width will provide the required traction and flotation, and was fitted with Continental 65 Series tyres to keep the same height as the previous 85 Series tyres.

Providing excellent results all round.

To get the best performance from your tyre and wheel packages speak with the team at Ag Tyres & Wheels.


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