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Multiple Use - Tyre & Wheel Kit for the Kubota M9540.

Small Cropping and Macadamia Farm.

Allclass Kubota - Ag Tyres & Wheels

Thanks to Ag Tyres & Wheels for their assistance in equipping a tractor for a client - a Kubota M9540. My client wanted to use the M9540 in multiple applications on their farm.

They have a small crop operation as well as a macadamia nut operation. 1450mm centres are required in the small crop, but they also wanted to use the tractor in macadamia nut operations. The macadamia site is steep country, so the duals give them the required stability, safety and added traction. This wheel equipment has allowed my client to achieve two tasks with purchasing the one tractor. Changing the wheel configuration is achieved by simply removing or re-installing the dual rear wheels via a quick release clip-on wheel system. Mick & Brian at Ag Tyres & Wheels provided expert guidance to ensure the configuration works in both operations. The information is always accurate and precise, giving me the confidence to discuss any solution with my clients. I have also found a friendly approach to all advice given, no matter what 'weird and wonderful' tyre and wheel combinations I throw at them. Thanks again,

Darrel Montgomery

Sales - Allclass Kubota - Nambour, Queensland

Mick Carbone & Brian Ogeimi - Ag Tyres 7 Wheels

Ag Tyres & Wheels would like to welcome Brian Ogeimi as the Business Development Manager to the family-owned business based in Bendigo.

Ag Tyres & Wheels Director / Sales Manager, Mick Carbone was quick to highlight the appointment.

"Brian has a fantastic reputation within our industry. He is an experienced operator and brings a wealth of knowledge to Ag Tyres & Wheels,” said Mick.

Brian arrived on-site last week and got straight to work, meeting major suppliers Michelin and Continental, also contacting customers regarding his new position.

“I’m excited to join the team at Ag Tyres & Wheels. I can see the future direction of the company and the opportunities for our business within the Australian market,” Brian added.

"Brian will continue to provide great service and assist with growing the business into 2021. These are exciting times for us,” exclaimed Mick.

Along with Brian's appointment, Ag Tyres & Wheels have secured their position as the Australian supplier of Michelin and Continental OE tyre packages to the Agriculture market.

Also, the construction of a new facility at Jewell Court, East Bendigo is nearing completion. This new facility will allow for the increased production of specialised wheels, and storage for the expanded product range of Agricultural machinery tyres.

"In this Business Development role, I'll be contacting as many customers as possible over the next few weeks, to ensure continued supply and service", said Brian.

"Ag Tyres & Wheels is a family-owned business, and we are very happy to have

Brian and his family 'making tracks' with us", Mick said.

Contact Brian at Ag Tyres & Wheels on email

or mobile 0400 026 074 or the Sales Office on 03 5442 6629.

Reconditioning Tractor Wheels - Ag Tyres & Wheels

Reconditioning existing tractor wheels for use on other farm machinery and better performance is a cost-effective option if the wheels are still structurally sound.

Recently, Ag Tyres & Wheels have reconditioned two sets of wheels.

The first set was reconfigured from 6-stud to 8-stud to fit a new tractor.

The second set required widening of the rims to provide extra traction and floatation.

In each scenario, Ag Tyres & Wheels prepare the wheels by shot-blasting the rims to bare metal, making the necessary changes structural changes to the wheel configuration, then powder-coating with a primer and finishing coat.

The end products look like new, prolong the wheel life and achieve the results requested by the customer.

The first wheelset had new Continental Ag Tyres fitted, and the new tractor is currently in the field.

Through consultation with Ag Tyres & Wheels, the second wheelset had 200mm of width added. This additional width will provide the required traction and flotation, and was fitted with Continental 65 Series tyres to keep the same height as the previous 85 Series tyres.

Providing excellent results all round.

To get the best performance from your tyre and wheel packages speak with the team at Ag Tyres & Wheels.

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